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Xilinx Kria

Kria : Accelerating Innovation at the Edge

About Xilinx Kria

Xilinx Kria 
Provide accelerated AI-enabled
applications at the edge


Xilinx Kria K26 SOM 

Production SOMs for Edge Development  


Offered in Commercial and Industrial grades, the Kria K26 SOM features a custom-built

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC device in a small form factor card and is ideal for Edge vision

applications requiring flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.



 Designed for Vision AI Performance

•  3X AI performance and 2X performance-per-watt versus competing SOMs

•  Configurable to performance and neural networks requirements


 Out-of-the-Box Hardware Acceleration

•  Leverage pre-built Accelerated Applications without needing FPGA place-and-route

•  Tailor AI models and application code to your requirements


 Production Qualified and Certified Commercial and Industrial Grades

•  Commercial: operating range 0-85°C for smart camera, embedded vision, tracking & identification

•  Industrial: operation range -40-100°C for ruggedized for extreme environments



•  Smart Camera

•  Embedded Vision

•  Security

•  Retail Analytics

•  Smart City

•  Machine Vision


Xilinx Kria K260 Vision AI Starter Kit 

The Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit is ideal for vision application development without requiring  

complex hardware design knowledge. The KV260 is based on the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC 

architecture and comes with a fully equipped carrier card for rapid prototyping and design.​ 

 Out-of-the-box Ready for Vision Application Development 

•  The KV260 includes a specially designed carrier card with the most advanced sensor interfaces 

•  PMOD expansion enables vast ecosystem of sensors and interfaces


 Growing Library of Pre-Built Accelerated Applications

•  Up and running in less than 1 hour, no FPGA experienced needed

•  Differentiate your design at the software level with Vitis AI


 Port designs to production Kria SOMs

•  Leverage the starter kit to reach a production quality design

•  Deploy at high volume on appropriate Kria SOMs



 Vision Ready

•  Multi-camera support: Up to 8 interfaces

•  3 MIPI sensor interfaces, USB cameras

•  Built-in ISP component 

•  HDMI, DisplayPort output


 Network & General Connectivity

•  1Gb Ethernet

•  USB 3.0/2.0


 Pmod Expansion

•  Extend to any sensor or interface

•  Access Pmod ecosystem



•  Retail Analytics

•  Security 

•  Smart Camera

•  Machine Vision